Dr. Farinaldo Queiroz

Particle and Astroparticle

Office: 203, 2nd floor at IIP

Tel.: +55 84 33422249 ext.240

E-mail:farinaldo.queiroz at iip.ufrn.br

Research Interest: Direct and Indirect Detection of Dark Matter, Model Building in Particle Physics (SUSY, Higgs Doublet Models and 3-3-1) and Phenomenology of colliders.

CV Lattes (in portuguese)

Papers in Inspire



  • Daniel Camargo (Post-doc)
  • Clarissa Siqueira (Post-doc)
  • Téssio Melo (PhD)
  • Yoxara Vilamizar (PhD)
  • Alvaro Santos (MSc)
  • Leandro Matheus (Undergraduate)
  • Jonathan William (Undergraduate)
  • Jedson Amorim (Undergraduate)
  • Camila Ramos (Undergraduate)
  • Jacinto Paulo  (Undergraduate)
  • Wendel Medeiros (Undergraduate)